Who is Katrina Barclay?

She's known by her ability to captivate an audience and invite them to face whatever emotion she evokes in them. Her music has just enough roughness around the edges to remind you it's real, and it will take you to a place you didn't know you wanted to go. Incorporating alternative, blues, and indie influences, Katrina Barclay's music is dynamic and her lyrics are honest and open. 

Katrina Barclay cut her teeth on bluegrass, gospel, classic rock, and pop music growing up. She is no stranger to the stage, performing with her family for the majority of her childhood before she began writing songs and teaching herself to play guitar in 2007. In college, Katrina was honing her solo performance skills by circulating the coffee shops and music festivals around the greater Atlanta area. She took music theory, chorus, and show choir. She was also constantly seeking out and collaborating with other musicians she came across on her travels. During that time, she connected with Hector Cervantes and became a vocalist and guitarist in the youth ministry worship band at West Rome Baptist Church.

Upon graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Katrina decided to forgo beginning a career in science until she could at least pursue what she felt was her purpose in life. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of networking with other artists and labels, but after a year of nothing but dead ends and doors slammed in her face, decided to start smaller and build her way up, focusing more on the music rather than the business. Katrina landed in Chattanooga, not far from her hometown of Bryant, AL, and began playing shows in and around the area while continuing to play heavily in Atlanta and north Alabama. A highlight of her career, Katrina had the opportunity to open for Austin, TX duo Penny & Sparrow  in 2012. She has also won several Songwriter Shootouts, a monthly competition once held at a popular listening room, The Camp House, in Chattanooga. 

When it comes to her unique catalog of songs, her work has collectively become highly sought after by fellow musicians and fans alike. She is a supporter of the local scene, constantly seeking out new ways to engage that specific demographic. Her songs are relatable and cover a vast area of circumstances and emotions. Joshua Pickard, journalist for the online news site, nooga.com reviewed her most recent single CRUSH as "a bare thread of acoustic melody and gorgeous vocal work". Katrina Barclay's intentions are pure and as such create a simple yet encompassing space for her audience to nurture their personal, emotional landscape. Guitar riffs influenced heavily by indie and blues, her style of playing is straightforward with a healthy dose of embellishment that comes from her history with bluegrass and folk.

Katrina is a member and Ambassador of the respected Chattanooga Songwriters Association and has proudly shared the stage with Penny & Sparrow, San Diego's Future Of Forestry, Michael Stovall, Megan Saunders & The Driftless, and others. She travels around the southeast in her yellow car and thrives on collaboration, espresso, and creativity. Currently, Katrina is touring, working tirelessly on to expose her sophomore LP Element thanks to a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign. She is an advocate for all independent artists, seeking and collaborating with all who are interested in creating and sharing their art.